Workshops, Cosyne 2008

March 3-4, 2008

Snow Bird, Utah

Workshop program booklet

Day 1 - March 3

  1. Characterizing and decoding distributed brain representations (Kriegeskorte, Walther, Kreiman, Kiani, Aguirre)
  2. The cortical microcircuit and cognitive function (Reynolds, Sommer)
  3. Data sharing and modeling challenges in neuroscience - a first step towards predictive neuron models? (Roth, Gerstner, Sommer)
  4. Dynamic faces: From experiments to novel computational neural theories (Curio, Buelthoff, Giese)
  5. Neurophysiology in awake, behaving rodents (Laubach, Shuler)
  6. Real-time processing and the processing of time (Deneve, Buonomano)
  7. Spiking Networks and Reinforcement Learning (Szatmary, Izhikevich) 2 day workshop

Day 2 - March 4

  1. How to solve systems neuroscience problems with molecular tools (Boyden)
  2. Linking Auditory Neurophysiology to Perception (Schnupp)
  3. Reactivation and memory consolidation (Diba, Harris)
  4. Spiking Networks and Reinforcement Learning (Szatmary, Izhikevich) 2 day workshop
  5. Top down or bottom up? Measuring, modeling, and understanding cross-scale neural interactions (Blanche, Koepsell)
  6. Recent advances in activity-dependent plasticity (Munro)
  7. What can functional imaging tell us about population coding in sensory systems?: Bridging computation, single neurons and imaging (Gardner, Huk, Schluppeck)

General workshop information

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