Main Meeting Program, Cosyne 2008

Thursday, 28 February

4:00pm Registration desk opens

6:00pm Welcome reception, including cocktails and buffet

7:25pm Introductory remarks, Eero Simoncelli and Matteo Carandini

7:30pm Keynote address, Models of Visual Recognition in the Ventral System, Tomaso Poggio, MIT

8:30pm Poster Session I (100 posters- click to view titles/abstracts)

Friday, 29 February

7:30am Continental breakfast

8:30am Neural Basis of Reach Preparation, Krishna V. Shenoy, Stanford University (invited)

9:15am Parietal Reach Region Cell Classes Have Complementary Planning Responses, EB Torres and RA Andersen

9:30am The Energetic Cost of Fast Spiking, AR Hasenstaub, SL Otte, EM Callaway, and TJ Sejnowski

9.45am Timing Based on Stochastic Neural and Sensory Processes, MB Ahrens and M Sahani

10:00am Refreshment break

10:30am Encoding and Processing of Primary Sensory Variables by the Rat Vibrissal/Trigeminal System, Mitra Hartmann, Northwestern University (invited)

11:15am Cortical Activity Influences the Efficacy of Geniculocortical Communication, F Briggs and WM Usrey

11:30am Entorhinal Grid Cell Responses as Basis Functions for Spatial Reinforcement Learning, NJ Gustafson and N Daw

11:45am Hippocampal Coding of Point-Free Topology, YA Dabaghian, AG Cohn and LM Frank

12:00pm Lunch break (and last chance to see Session I posters)

2:15pm Cerebellar Long Term Depression as a Supervised Learning Rule with All or Nothing Character, Mitsuo Kawato, ATR Computational Neuroscience Labs (invited)

3:00pm Value Representation Via Divisive Normalization in Parietal Cortex, K Louie, L Grattan, and PW Glimcher

3:15pm Refreshment break

3:45pm Associative Learning Signals in the Monkey Medial Temporal Lobe, Wendy A. Suzuki, New York University (invited)

4:30pm Spotlight presentations: Posters II-1, II-14, II-16, II-54, II-64, II-71

5:00pm Dinner break

7:30pm Poster Session II (100 posters- click to view titles/abstracts)

Saturday, 1 March

7:30am Continental breakfast

8:30am Traveling Waves in Cerebellar Cortex Mediated by Asymmetric Synaptic Connections Between Purkinje Cells, Michael Häusser, University College London (invited)

9:15am Analysis of Decision Making in an Insect’s Gap-Crossing Behavior Using Markov Models, AA Faisal, JE Niven, and SM Rogers

9:30am Caudate Activity in a Decision-Making Reaction Time Task, L Ding and JI Gold

9:45am Cortical Topography of Intracortical Inhibition Explains Speed of Decision Making, HR Dinse and C Wilimzig

10:00am Refreshment break

10:30am Adaptive Gain Control in the Auditory System, David McAlpine, University College London (invited)

11:15am Mechanisms for Complex Feature Selectivity in the Songbird Auditory Forebrain, CD Meliza, Z Chi, and D Margoliash

11:30am Learning Transformational Invariants from Time-Varying Natural Images, CF Cadieu and BA Olshausen

11:45am Natural Experience Drives Online Learning of Tolerant Object Representations in Visual Cortex, N Li and JJ DiCarlo

12:00pm Lunch break (and last chance to see Session II posters)

2:15pm Charting the Human Posterior Parietal Cortex, Sabine Kastner, Princeton University (invited)

3:00pm A Computational Model Relating Changes in the BOLD Signal to Neural Activity in Cortex, WG Gibson, L Farnell, and MR Bennett

3:15pm Refreshment break

3:45pm A Hierarchy of Temporal Receptive Windows in Human Cortex, David J. Heeger, New York University (invited)

4:30pm Spotlight presentations: Posters III-41, III-42, III-55, III-72, III-73, III-96

5:00pm Dinner break

7:30 Poster Session III (100 posters- click to view titles/abstracts)

Sunday, 2 March

7:30am Continental breakfast

8:30am From Neuronal Circuit Reconstructions to Principles of Brain Design, Dmitri 'Mitya' Chklovskii, Howard Hughes Medical Institute (invited)

9:15am Neuronal Ensemble Bursting in the Basal Forebrain Encodes Salience Irrespective of Valence, S-C Lin and MAL Nicolelis

9:30am The Hemo-Neural Hypothesis: A Proposed Role for Blood Flow in Neuromodulation and Information Processing, CI Moore, U Knoblich, R Cao, J Cardin, B Higashikubo, and JC Brumberg

9:45am Spatially Inhomogeneous Processing of Visual Motion by Drosophila, MB Reiser

10:00am Refreshment break

10:30am Oscillations Organize Internally Advanced Cell Assembly Sequences, György Buzsáki, Rutgers University (invited)

11:15am Quantitative Single-Neuron Modeling: Competition 2008, R Naud, T Berger, L Badel, A Roth, and W Gerstner

11:30am Neural Mechanisms of Speech Processing: Time Warp Invariance by Adaptive Integration Time, R Gütig and H. Sompolinsky

11:45am Lunch break (hotel checkout, and last chance to see Session III posters)

2:15pm Olfactory Processing in a Tiny Microcircuit, Rachel I. Wilson, Harvard Medical School (invited)

3:00pm Modeling Olfactory Discrimination in Drosophila, SX Luo, R Axel and LF Abbott

3:15pm High-Speed Depth-Targetable Control of Genetically Defined Neurons in Freely Moving Mammals: Technology Development and Neuropsychiatry Application, Karl Deisseroth, Stanford University (invited)

4:00pm Final remarks, Eero Simoncelli

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