Submitting an abstract to Cosyne

Abstract submission for Cosyne 2018 is now closed.

Submission Format

Before you log onto the submission website, you should have the following items prepared: (1) title, (2) author list (including email addresses of all authors), and (3) two-page PDF submission. Submissions that do not meet the following guidelines may be rejected.

Abstracts will be evaluated on the basis of a two page (A4 or US Letter) submission in PDF format. This two-page PDF should contain:

Font size (including any figure legends) must be at least 12 point. Margins should be at least 0.5". This two-page PDF will be the only document seen by reviewers. (Abstracts exceeding two pages will have additional pages removed). Submissions that do not meet these guidelines may be rejected.

For questions regarding abstract submission, please contact: meeting [at]

Evaluation Criteria

PDF submissions will be evaluated on the basis of the following criteria:

The submission should clearly explain why your question is important and how your claims will advance the field. Include enough detail that reviewers can assess the technical content of your methods and results. Please be sure to address the significance and fit of your submission for the Cosyne audience, which includes a mix of experimentalists and theoreticians interested in the functional properties of neural systems. Potentially inappropriate abstracts include pure machine learning studies, or studies of single cells with no clear implications for neural systems.

Approximately 20 submissions will be chosen for short talks and ~300 will be chosen for poster presentations. We expect ~30% of submissions to be rejected due to limitations on poster space.

Submission Instructions

Submission is now closed.

Note that you must 'sign up' for the submission site, before submitting an abstract. Please note that submission confirmation emails might be delayed during peak submission hours, i.e. close to submission deadline. Your submissions, however, will be fine.

The person who uploads the submission must certify that they are the "presenting author". This is the author who plans to present the poster or talk at the meeting. You may act as "presenting author" on only one abstract (although you may appear as a co-author on more than one). You and all your co-authors will receive an email confirmation once submission is finalized. If you appear as a co-author on multiple submissions, please use the same name, email, and affiliation on all your submissions.

Authors who are selected for posters and talks will be notified on 13 January 2018. Authors whose submission was rejected will also be notified on this date.

The presenting author for each abstract must register for the meeting by 31 January 2018, 11.59pm EST.Note that registration and abstract submission are not the same process.

A preliminary meeting schedule will be published online (in mid-January 2018). Participants who need letters of invitation to obtain an entry visa may contact the Program Co-chairs in advance of this date (meeting [at] or Leslie Weekes (leslie.weekes [at]

Cosyne 2018 Program Committee

Publication of Summaries

Summaries of posters and talks will be published online on the Cosyne website. Authors will be asked to consent to publication when they submit their summaries. These summaries are citable, but they are not full-length proceedings and therefore do not preclude further publication. Copyright in individual summaries is the property of their respective authors. You may not revise your summary after submission, so please check it carefully for errors. Abstracts should be cited as follows:

Doe, John. (2018). A computational model of simple and complex cells. Cosyne Abstracts 2018, Denver, CO, USA.

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